Empower is an educational board game that focuses on different biases and oppressions people face in the United States.

Empower is an educational board game that focuses on the different biases and oppressions people face throughout the United States. It aspires to put players in random characters’ shoes and be exposed to predefined sexuality, race, and gender attributes. Societal opportunities are not created equally. Paths to success differ for all, and inequalities become apparent along the way. The goal of this game is to reveal inequalities and challenge participants to create balance by empowering other players. Every culture, race, sexuality, and gender should take a step together to fight oppression and create change.

This game creates insight and opportunities for learning how to navigate through multiple spaces. Digital technology is prevalent throughout society today and is an important aspect of this board game’s design and application, targeting teens and young adults. Empower was designed in a digital space and brought into a physical space. The selection of icons, 3D boards, and rules that are accessed through digital technology talks about the marriage between these two spaces.
Empower uses both game mechanics and abstract representation to expose players to differing perspectives and provide insight into how these experiences impact opportunities and struggles in daily life. The hope is that this will encourage players to challenge and speak out about societal inequalities after the game is over. For those dissatisfied with the online discussions around inequality, Empower brings the discussion into the physical world so that it can be experienced and explored face-to-face in a collaborative environment.


Initial Board Design


Evolution of card design and icons

Mockup of 3D printed board