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︎German International School 

GISW Alumni T-shirts

I designed the logo for the Alumni Association of the German International School in Washington D.C. to be printed on T-shirts. The alumni shirt bridges the old school name DSW with the new GISW, allowing all former and current students to feel included.
GISW ABI banner

This is a 6x8 feet banner for the seniors of the German International School Washington D.C. The banner is wishing the class of 2021 good luck in their Abitur exams.
Coach Barker Shirt

This shirt was designed to honor Chris Barker, or Coach, as he was called by everybody who attended the German International School Washington DC. He was admired and loved by all his students. He was more than a teacher to many of the students at the GISW and more than a co-worker to many of the staff. Barker has left his mark over the many years at the GISW and his legacy will forever be a part of the school, of the students, and of everyone who worked with him. “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” (Winston Churchill)

︎Illuminate Foods

Illuminate Food's goal is to help get more food from local farms to people by distributing farm boxes to the community of New Jersey.