UNO Rules

This rulebook moves away from the traditional to explain the infinite ways one can play the card game UNO. These rules are meant to be taken apart, reorganized, discarded, and be held by every player.

• I focused on the game UNO, a game I grew up with and
   learned from my grandparents
• I never read the official rules before. Doing research I
   learned how “wrong” or “different” I played
• Despite all playing Uno a different way the game
   still works

• Rules can be broken
• The “book” is not an ordinary rule book
• These rules have several lose sets of cards
• On one side, the rule are stated in big bold letters
• On the other side, is the explanation of the official rules

• The rule cards are meant to be take off its ring binding,
   mixed around, and discard the ones you find irrelevant
• This allows every player to interact with the cards
• The rule cards are designed exactly like the cards
• These cards are made on a thicker glossy cardstock that
   feels good in a players hands
• Sturdy and allows them to be taken apart and put
   back together
• These rules are fun, short, easy to read and attracts the
   players to use them